People make promises too loosely in life. I take promises very seriously and refuse to make one if it’s not a set-in-stone-there’s-no-way-this-can-be-broken kind of way. Unfortunately life is unpredictable and therefore I don’t think anyone can really make many promises. You can make hopes and wishes and be able to fulfill those, but I don’t want anyone to make me a promise because disappointment is going to happen and I hate that feeling. So think of others and watch what you say.

The only promise I think that someone can make and never have to worry is one from a parent to a child. At least in my case this is one that fits and will never change. This is the promise I made to each of my kids. I have three. They are amazing, they are wonderful, they are my everything.

George, Emma, Brenden:

“I promise I will love you forever and nothing you ever say or do will change that. Whoever you become, whatever you choose to do, I will be there for you and behind you.”

You may not like the choices your kids make in life, but making sure they know you are behind them regardless (even if it’s only to provide your love) that might be enough to get them through anything… and make them better at who they are.


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